Experiences that make golf fun @ Kelly Morrow Golf Academy

Getting Started

Have you always wanted to get your child started in golf, but didn’t know how?  Afraid to have them do the wrong things?  Don’t put off getting them started any longer.  The “Getting  Started” golf program is a systematized approach to learning the basic fundamentals of the greatest game on earth.  PGA Professional Kelly Morrow and his assistant Tyler Hull pull from a lifetime of experience to form this (5) lesson program.  In (5) 3o minute sessions your child will learn the following:

The Grip

This 30-minute session will cover the most important fundamental of all.  The KMGA Staff will share the grips of the great players and incorporate the use of a training grip to make sure your child has formed this all-important fundamental perfectly right from the start. “Always beware of the instructor who ignores the grip!”

The Set-Up

From the bottoms of the feet to the top of the head, make sure your youngster is positioned in a set-up that will provide power and consistency.  Your youngster will learn the common denominators of the great players when it comes to the Set-Up.

The Backswing

In this session, your junior will see classic swings of great golfers, learn how to easily get the club into a powerful position with the face prepared to make square contact.  Drills will be applied that allows the player to commit to memory.  In this session, the student will start to see the value of the grip and set-up that they have already learned.

The Downswing

The stage is set to make the delivery.  The junior golfer will learn to create power and accuracy with a combination of drills and props.  The student will learn the TWO important “ITS” of the downswing.

Putting it All Together

Getting into great positions in the swing is important, but all good players have that “fluid” look the everyone envies. It revolves around tempo and balance.  In this session, the student will not only watch the greats but also learn how to check their own swings when it comes to tempo and balance.


The Kelly Morrow Golf Academy believes that you build Technique through Repetition, Skill through Variation, and Performance through Simulation.  This program has all of these elements and your junior WILL improve and also have FUN!

Program Cost- $149 (Includes Training Grip)

***For Students 12 and Under****