What is performance Putting?

After nearly 30 years of teaching the game, my thoughts on putting have evolved dramatically.  Don’t get me wrong, I still believe their are preferred methods for teaching someone to hold a putter and to address the ball.  However, if someone doesn’t adhere to those preferred methods doesn’t mean I don’t approve.  Ultimately it is a question of performance.  Can you develop a method that will allow you to do two simple things?

  • Can you control the pace of a putt?
  • Are you able to aim the face where you think you are aiming it?

I truly believe it is that simple.  Sure we can dive deeper into these two questions, but ultimately those are the two key skills.

Performance putting is a 4 hr. program where we address those two key questions.  I have long believed that aiming the putter is more instinctive than controlling pace, and yet when you here golfers talk about putting, they are always talking about the “read” of the putt and whether or not they pushed or pulled the putt.  Don’t get me wrong, while I think golfers are better at aiming than controlling pace, I think in general they are not GREAT at either.   In our Performance Putting Program we will emphasize how to better control PACE first, then we will show you how to AIM better.

As most of you have heard me say before, “Technique through Repetition, Skill through Variation, and Performance through Simulation”.  I believe that practice that does not involve all three facets is not a complete approach.  I will teach you the key skills, and then show you how to practice them.  You will develop practice routines that switch out of the mode of correction and become a form of maintenance that will keep you calibrated.