For over 25 years, PGA  Professional Kelly Morrow has been coaching up golfers, with the goal of making the game more enjoyable.  Kelly has an innate ability to connect with his students and form relationships that create the perfect learning environment.   “Every golfer is different, and plays for different reasons” says Morrow, “so you have to find out why they play, and what their athletic abilities are, and then build a plan around that.  I want my students to eventually have an understanding of the golf swing that will allow them to self-correct when needed. “

Morrow has a particular interest in teaching juniors, which make up 75% of his teaching load.  Morrow not only offers private, one-on-one instruction for juniors, but also a number of mini-camps which provide plenty of instruction, in a safe group atmosphere.  Whether you, or your junior golfer has a desire to play golf at the highest level, or just wants to enjoy the game with friends and family, we have a program that is sure to increase their enjoyment level.

Rate Schedule

Adult 1 hr. Session$85

College Student $70

9th-12th Grade$65   Must be purchased in (4) Lesson Series.

6th -8th Grade$50   Must be purchased in (4) Lesson Series.

The Kelly Morrow Golf Academy believes that you build Technique through Repetition, Skill through Variation, and Performance through Simulation.  Our programs have all of these elements and you  WILL improve and also have FUN!


PGA Jr. League

The Kelly Morrow Golf Academy is proud to participate in the PGA Jr. League.  PGA Jr. League is a game changing opportunity for boys and girls to learn to play golf!  If you would like to learn more about PGA Jr. League at The Kelly Morrow Golf Academy, click here!

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Getting Them Started

Have you always wanted to get your child started in golf, but didn’t know how?  Afraid to have them do the wrong things?  Don’t put off getting them started any longer.  The “Getting Them Started” golf program is a systematized approach to learning the basic fundamentals of the greatest game on earth.  PGA Professional Kelly Morrow and his assistant Tyler Hull pull from a lifetime of experience to form this (5) lesson program.  In (5) 3o minute sessions your child will learn: The Grip, The Set-Up, The Backswing, The Downswing, and Putting it All Together.

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Win from 100 and IN

This program is designed to cover all the basics of shots you need to hit from 100 yards and in (does not cover putting).  This program will cover not only the techniques employed for distance wedges, green side shots, and bunker play, but also talk about the strategy supported by statistics that you should be employing in your short game.  This program is (4) hrs. in length and is limited to 6 students per session.

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Performance Putting

Putting is the great equalizer .  On the surface, putting appears to be easy, yet it is as scientific as putting a man on the moon.  Yet no part of the game has probably seen success with so many different styles and approaches.  Yet with all the complexities and variations, it can be broken down into 5 basic blocks.  These building blocks can not increase your makes, but help you develop a lasting confidence day in and day out.   Performance Putting is (4) hrs. in length and is limited to 8 students.

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Students of the KMGA have:

PGA Professional Kelly Morrow has been teaching the game for 28 years.  His students have:

  • Won (4) individual High School State Championships
  • Played College golf at all levels
  • Collected countless High School Golf Honors

Most Importantly- Learned to love the game for a lifetime!