Rental Policy

  1. Client will sign contract stating the rental fee for the date and specific venue being secured.  (Oakmont Event Center, Hogan Room, Pinehurst Room, Augusta Room).  The Oakmont Event Center is the only venue where outside catering is permitted.
  2. At any point the client becomes delinquent on payment, EagleSticks reserves the right to cancel the event.  Any fees listed as non-refundable shall be retained by EagleSticks Golf Club.
  3. Client is responsible for the clean-up of facility unless EagleSticks waitstaff is contracted for the event.
  4. Linen is not in eluded in the rental fee unless EagleSticks is providing the catering for contracted event.
  5. Tables and chairs will be provided by EagleSticks Golf Club for the headcount provided (Up to 350 guests- additional tables and chairs available at an upcharge.  Tables and chairs will be placed in accordance to the agreed upon floor plan prior to the client arrival.
  6. Access to the room will be 7AM the day of the event.  Early access is available at an additional fee.  (Inquire with the Event Director for additional information.). Early access can not be guaranteed for client until 60 days prior to the event.
  7. All Alcohol is to be purchased and served by EagleSticks staff per State of Ohio Liquor Laws.  There is a $150 fee per private  bartender charge for those events wishing to serve alcohol.

Catering Policies

  1. If the client is securing catering services from an entity other than EagleSticks Golf Club, the caterer must be licensed and most be approved by EagleSticks Event Director or Management .
  2. Any outside caterer should make a site visit prior to the event in order to acquaint themselves with the property.
  3. The caterer must be present throughout the food service, clear all tables, dishes and utensils, (unless EagleSticks waitstaff is employed by the client) tear down all service tables in buffet settings and place food in proper storage.  All trash containers must be emptied and trash placed in designated area.
  4. All food preparation must be done off premise.  EagleSticks prep area is for staging only, not preparation.
  5. Arrangements must be made with the bride and the Event Director regarding arrival time and set-up.
  6. There is a special load in area for the caterer at the rear of the building.
  7. The caterer is responsible for providing: utensils, dishes, linens, etc. if contracted by event host.
  8. The caterer must provide as parrot of their service, clean up of prep area, trash removal .
  9. The floorpan can be emailed too any approved caterer in advance.